Welcome to our page Explore, Live & Create. We hope to share with you our adventures in our canoe, camping, home growing, some homely creations as well as our boxer dog; Inca.

We weren’t originally the most adventurous of people but a life time of being tied to a computer made something snap. It is time to get out into the real world, be present and make some memories.

Who are we?

Who are we then? Ant and Charlotte living with our boxer dog Inca and our chickens! We both work full time, mainly sitting at computers, which is why we’re trying to make sure our free time is spent elsewhere doing different kinds of things. The back garden is set in an allotment style where we try and grow some food – not always going to plan, but we are learning all the time, also where the chickens lay their eggs – if they’re in the right mood.

Ant wanted to try for a bit more adventure. This is where the canoe has come in and viewing the world from the water. Inca joins in with us and is loving the water.

Both of us being quite creative but in different ways, sharing some of our ideas with our audience.

The world we forget with our faces buried in technology day in and day out.

A quest to be free. So come share these experiences with us.