DIY pallet wine cork pin board

completed cork board pallet frame.

Why did I decide to make a pallet wine cork pin board you ask. I had been admiring projects using wine corks for a while on Pinterest and particularly the pin boards; so my next project was my DIY pallet wine cork pin board. As everyone does you pin crafts that you like and want to make, but very rarely actually get round to making anything. I am defiantly one of those who loves Pinterest and all the ideas it can throw your way. Now I’m going to try and make some of these pins I’ve been eyeing up for a while!

completed corkboard.

Making my DIY pallet wine cork pin board frame

Wondering how to create the frame, I considered buy or repurposing an old photo-frame but I couldn’t find the look I wanted for my final product. Ok so my next option was to make one myself. I’d never made one before and had only worked with wood once, making a wood store, which was as tricky as a frame. We’d picked up some pallets from a local business for another project Ant was doing. They allowed us to take as many as we wanted for free. It’s a bit difficult getting them here in the UK but I gave the business a quick e-mail and got a reply from the manager soon after. He was happy for me to take as many as I liked.

Pallets ready for some crafting

Gathering my tools, well ok Ant’s tools, I collected the wooden panels from the pallets.

Pin board frame creation.

Creating the frame was the hardest part. I made the silly mistake of not measuring the angles. Therefore, the frame kept getting smaller and smaller until they fitter together. However, once I did finally get a frame with 90degree corners I nailed the frame to an old photo-frame backing. The corners of the frame I filled with a little wood filler and sanded it down, once dry, to get a nice finished frame.

Pallet wooden frame.

I had the beginning of my DIY pallet wine cork pin board. You don’t have to make your own frame and could buy your own to use.

Adding the corks

Adding corks to the pallet framed board.

Next was organising the wine corks. I decided I wanted to use all wine corks and not prosecco corks. So a few phone calls around to find some more I ended up with a great selection of corks from all over. Thank-you everyone who helped. I couldn’t believe how lovely some of the cork designs were, some of my favourites are the flower and bee, violins and vineyards.

Patterned wine corks. patterned wine corks for pin board.

Cutting the corks in half I placed them into the frame and decided where I wanted each beautiful detailed designed cork to go.

cutting up corks for pin board.

Gluing down the corks. Busy gluing down the corks for the pin board.

Gluing them down I used some heavy books to weigh them down to stick.

Sticking down the corks on the pin board.

The final thing to finish it off was some pretty printed buttons, using a glue gun I glued to drawing pins.

patterned buttons glued to drawing pins.

Find somewhere for the finished board to go and begin pinning to your board.

DIY pallet wine cork pin board being used.

What you’ll need

  • 4 planks of wood – I used pallets
  • Wood glue
  • Nails & hammer
  • Backing for frame – I used an old photo-frame back
  • Wood filler
  • Sand paper
  • Corks
  • Knife
  • Drawing pins
  • Buttons
  • Glue gun

wine cork pin board.

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