A trip to Middle Earth and Bala Lake Wales

Venture Canoe on Bala Lake. www.explorelivecreate.com

A postponed trip with friends had us heading towards UK’s Middle Earth (Wales) to Llyn Tegid, also known as Bala Lake, during mid-September. After cancelling the first time due to 30mph plus winds we were extremely lucky with some brilliant sunshine, however temperatures did drop in the evenings.

We stayed at a campsite towards the south end of the lake; Bwch-yn-Uchaf in Llanuwchllyn which was £8 per person per night.

River Twrch by campsite. www.explorelivecreate.comTentipi set up by River Twrcn. www.explorelivecreate.com  River Twrch by campsite. www.explorelivecreate.com




The River Twrch ran down the edge of the campsite, where guests are allowed to fish for free. The campsite also allows fires, which are great to cook on and in the colder evenings, like this weekend, keep warm. Llanuwchllyn Narrow Gauge Railway Station is located the other side of the campsite where you can enjoy the stunning scenery along the lake.

Train station at Bala Lake. www.explorelivecreate.com Train tracks at Bala Lake. www.explorelivecreate.com Train tracks by Bala Lake. www.explorelivecreate.com

Llanuwchllyn Narrow Gauge Railway Station, Bala Lake. www.explorelivecreate.com

Paddling the lake

We took the canoe to the South end of Bala Lake for a couple of hours on the Saturday. Parking at the picnic area at Llangower you can carry your canoe to the waters edge.

Canoe on car at Bala Lake car park. www.explorelivecreate.com

Normally you purchase a permit to paddle through the car park pay and display or at the North end of the lake, however the machine had been vandalised and covered up. Consequently, we rung the number on the fence, who informed us that there was a ranger around the area that would take the money. The permit is £3.50 for the whole day paddle, so not too much for a nice day on Bala Lake.

Canoeing on Bala Lake. www.explorelivecreate.comOpen water canoe on Bala Lake. www.explorelivecreate.comBala Lake. www.explorelivecreate.com  Canoeing on Bala Lake. www.explorelivecreate.com

There were a lot of other people on the water at this point of the day. Mainly kids learning how to kayak in large groups, but once we were away from the East coast of the lake it became a lot quieter. We paddled around the beautiful edged beaches passing a line of cormorants perched on the rocks in the water.

Birds sitting on Bala Lake. www.explorelivecreate.comInca_Boxer watching our way canoeing on Bala Lake. www.explorelivecreate

Bala Lake, Wales. www.explorelivecreate.com

Venture Canoe on Bala Lake. www.explorelivecreate.com

Inca_Boxer in canoe on Bala Lake. www.explorelivecreate.comBala Lake is also part of the Go Canoeing three lakes challenge, which could be great fun for all you paddlers. We unfortunately didn’t end up doing the whole route but would be nice to go back to complete this at some point. At the North end of the lake you can also hire out canoes and kayaks from Bala Watersports.

Venture Canoe on Bala Lake. www.explorelivecreate.com Inca_Boxer fetching stick in Bala Lake. www.explorelivecreate.com Bala Lake. www.explorelivecreate.com

Inca_Boxer playing on the beach. www.explorelivecreate.com
Inca_Boxer enjoying a stick on Bala Lake’s shore.

Back at the campsite

Sun behind trees. www.explorelivecreate.com Clouds. www.explorelivecreate.comCamp set up near Bala Lake. www.explorelivecreate.com

As there was a group of us for this camping trip we used our large fire pit for cooking on. The fire pit works well for building the fire up in the evenings to keep warm.

firetray and Tentipi. www.explorelivecreate.comcampsite BBQ. www.explorelivecreate.com

Cooking donuts over the fire. www.explorelivecreate.comcooking donuts. www.explorelivecreate.com


We picked this up a few years ago from the Bushcraft Show from a Welders & Blacksmiths company called A.R.C.Weld who make tri-pods, fire pans, firelighting steels and much more. We’ve found it extremely useful when cooking in a large group, but make sure you have a car as it’s extremely heavy..

This holiday we had a BBQ over the fire the first night. Followed by a beef curry in the dutch oven the second night along with grilled naan bread. Finally onto desert consisting of freshly made pop-corn and donuts to follow. We’ll follow up with a recipe for the donuts as these went down a storm!

Consequently a great weekend was had by all with lots of laughs, good food and great company.

Sun coming through tree. www.explorelivecreate.com

River Twrch. www.explorelivecreate.com

Tentipi by river Twrch. www.explorelivecreate.com

campsite near Bala Lake. www.explorelivecreate.comBala Lake, Wales. www.explorelivecreate.com


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